Civil and Hydraulic Engineering

From Bridges to Sluices

Moors specializes in civil and hydraulic engineering works; from their design and engineering to their implementation and maintenance. Take for example the ‘ECO‑weir’ and the ‘De Wit’ fish pass.

Bridges – From Guardrails & Fencing to Complete Bridges

Anything from a foot or cycle bridge to a road or rail bridge; across roads, railways or waterways. We offer a wider range of bridge decks in wood, plastic or steel finishes. We also supply the guardrails on or alongside bridges in virtually any option desired. Options include steel, weathered steel or stainless steel, or any combination of these.

Roads – From Crash Barriers & Lane Dividers to Guardrails & Fencing

Moors specializes in crash barriers, lane dividers, guardrails and fencing: indispensable items for protecting people and property. When a driver has to swerve, this constitutes a hazard to other road users. The right type of barrier can help minimize or prevent the risks. We supply roadside guardrails and fencing in a wide range of designs and materials. Options include steel, weathered steel or stainless steel, or any combination of these.

Waterways – Lock & Inlet Sluices

Moors designs, builds and installs systems on behalf of water authorities. Our lock and inlet sluices can even be solar‑powered. We’ll gladly provide recommendations to meet your specific needs, including pipework, flashboards and even ‘ECO‑weirs’.

ECO‑Weirs – Robust, Lightweight Construction

ECO‑weirs are available fully pre‑fabricated. They’re robust and lightweight thanks to their compact design, circular sluice gates and choice of materials. This also reduces their cost significantly.

‘De Wit’ Fish Pass – An Eco‑Friendly Alternative

The ‘De Wit’ fish pass is an eco‑friendly alternative for traditional fish ladders. Fish can zigzag upstream through a metal trough that maintains a constant flow rate. Its design is suitable for smaller waterways and can be adapted to local conditions. You can even combine the ‘De Wit’ fish pass, simply and affordably, with automatic self‑actuating spillway, inlet and ECO weirs and sluices.


●      footbridges

●      cycle bridges

●      road bridges

●      cable‑stayed bridges

●      rail bridges

●      guardrails & fencing

●      ‘De Wit’ fish passes

●      ECO-weirs

●      shut‑off & non‑return valves

●      flashboards



If you’re looking for technical advice. or you simply have a query about one of our products or services, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment.

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