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Engineering: Efficient Project Management & Minimal Failure Costs

For projects small and large, Moors kicks off every project with extensive engineering and scheduling. Our specialists guarantee a seamless integration of all structures and plant systems during assembly.To achieve this, we use the latest CAD software to visualize each and every component/stage in 3D – from initial drafts, to construction, and ultimately even operations and potential demolition.

Building Information Models (BIMs)

We have the skills and resources to map out your entire project in a building information model (BIM). Using BIMs, we can clearly visualize at a very early stage what projects will ultimately look like. Our specialists manage all design and construction‑related information in a 3D model to ensure efficient project management and minimal failure costs.


We use building information models (BIMs). Our specialists scope out your requirements in 3D to ensure projects run as smoothly as possible.

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Moors is an approved work‑placement company. Our products comply with mandatory CE standards and our specialists are qualified in a wide range of disciplines.

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If you’re looking for technical advice. or you simply have a query about one of our products or services, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment.

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