Sand, Gravel and Concrete Industries

Steelwork for Sand, Gravel & Concrete Industries

Looking for a sand excavation conveyor or storage system? This requires specific expertise – something we have a lot of at Moors! Take for example the Uivermeertjes sand excavation site in Deest (NL) and a floating sand production plant. Moors designed and built the conveyor and storage systems at this site – a prime example of our expertise in this field.

  • Site processing capacity: 500 tons of sand per hour
  • Storage silo capacity: 240 tons per silo; weighing silo capacity: 45 tons
  • Lightweight, ultra‑robust conveyor systems spanning up to 24 metres
  • A custom solution for all your specific needs and requirements

From A to Z

Moors has extensive expertise designing and building conveyor/storage systems, especially in the sand excavation sector. For example, we can build sand bunkers with either steel‑plated or rubberized, wear‑resistant bottoms, as well as chutes and screw conveyor systems for transporting e.g. flour or cement.


  • silos
  • conveyor systems
  • storage systems
  • sand excavation plants



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