Machine Building

Machine Building: From Standalone Machinery to Complete Turnkey Plants

Moors designs, overhauls and builds custom‑made machinery, including items such as solar‑powered ECO-weirs, pneumatic ship unloaders for cement and large‑scale base frames. Whatever you need, our specialists are here to help!

Our Approach

Our specialists always start off with a thorough analysis, using the latest software to scope out your requirements in 3D or BIM. We can clearly visualize at a very early stage what projects will ultimately look like. Doing so ensures projects run as smoothly as possible – from engineering through to final assembly. We’ve got all the skills and resources in‑house to successfully complete your project.

No project is too large

We build machinery in all shapes and sizes up to a lifting capacity of 20 tons. For the cement industry, we build ship unloaders including items such as vessels and crane jibs. From conveyor belts and silos to machinery frames, Moors has the answer!

Turnkey – From Design & Build to Aftercare

With our turnkey all‑in package, we take care of every aspect of the project on your behalf, from analysis and design to building and aftercare. We’ve got all the skills and resources in‑house to successfully complete your project, ensuring high quality levels, affordable prices and short turnaround times.

●      custom‑made machinery

●      vessels

●      silos

●      conveyor belts

●      machine frames

●      drying plant/kiln car

●      assembly



If you’re looking for technical advice. or you simply have a query about one of our products or services, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment.

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