Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Industry Quality

Moors’s location near the large rivers in the Netherlands has resulted in a close and long‑standing working partnership with the regional ceramic industry. We design, manufacture and install special‑purpose products to exacting standards on behalf of this sector; products that ensure ceramic production processes run as smoothly as possible.

Designed for Drying

Moors has established an excellent reputation in drying plant/kiln cars. We design, build and deliver the racks used for drying ceramics before they’re fired in kilns, and can even produce identical racks to replace existing models with either cast or turned wheels. Kiln cars can be supplied with cast wheels to any size and in any quantity.


  • drying plant racks
  • kiln cars
  • air ducts
  • vertical lift gates
  • bell lift kiln frames
  • chimney
  • conveyor belts



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