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Mastery in Steelworking

If you’re looking for a particular processing technique, then our skilled personnel are masters in virtually every steelworking process conceivable. High‑grade machinery and solid experience are the basis for rapid, reliable results.

At Moors, we offer a wide range of steelworking processes, including cutting, welding, rolling, sawing, drilling and die‑cutting. In short, whatever type of steelworking process you need, Moors has the answer!

Quality Cutting

  • high‑definition plasma cutting (max. thickness 50 mm)
  • bevelled welding edges
  • oxy‑fuel cutting (max. thickness 100 mm)
  • sheet metal cutting (max. 12000 x 3000 mm)
  • tube cutting (max. ø700 mm)
  • 4‑kW fibre laser cutting, 3000 x 1500mm

sawing, drilling & welding

  • metal sawing (max. 1000 x 450 mm, max. 30° mitre)
  • drilling (max. ø40 mm)
  • DSTV geometry format processing
  • welding (aluminium & stainless steel, submerged arc)

CNC machines

  • CNC angle bender
  • 3550 mm between sides
  • max. length 4000 mm
  • max. pressure 400 ton
  • max. dimensions L 2000 x W 1000 x H 700 mm
  • max. machine bed load 3 ton

rolling, shearing, folding & die‑cutting

  • three‑roll sheet rolling mill 
max. length 3000 mm / max. thickness 15 mm (S235JR steel)
  • top roller: 320 mm
  • three‑high mill max. length 2500 mm
  • / max. thickness 5 mm (S235JR steel)
  • top roller: 190 mm
  • roll forming machine (max. angle 80/80/8)
  • max. strip dimensions 600 x 20 mm (S235JR steel)
  • max. pressure 110 ton
  • max. I (second moment of area) 67,000 cm4



If you’re looking for technical advice. or you simply have a query about one of our products or services, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment.

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